They trained us somehow, in ways and with discipline we have even nausea.

Just as one can understand that, tentatively, for lack of space, installing the classes in lightweight constructions where it is today refuses to accommodate families. What I reproach to those still bent to prove that traditional methods are not necessarily exceeded and ours are not yet sufficiently lapped, it is this stubbornness to present as normal situations facts states we can only college assignment help

Far to hide the shortcomings of our school, we should spread them out in the open so that parents become aware of, and they require for their children this modern school the majority of our educators now feel the need there has obviously another difficult obstacle to overcome in a function where tradition also plays a major role. They trained us somehow, in ways and with discipline we have even nausea. But this method and discipline have made us, however, we are told that we are.

We have never talked to wipe out and destroy the school in advance that we criticize. But if that minimum of culture we have acquired in the “captive youth jails” could be provided to our children in a new atmosphere of conscious effort, creativity and joy!

Meanwhile, not only allowed educators up the only resource to subject their students the trouble that marked them, but we continue to train educators in 1957 according to the norms, the spirit and techniques we complain already 40 years ago. As if learning schools taught the 1956 students making horse harnesses, to equip a horse tram, or driving an ox team, while life must place them before electricity, motor and Car.

Forming in 1956 educators using methods from 1910, is to commit the same mistake against nature that keeps school only, alas! the privilege. Let us not be surprised if the 1956 educators, young and old, know not generate or accept a free text, animate an artistic creation, literary or scientific, to submit to the law of the community, and if they bring ever in modern mechanisms that we are painfully on, barriers that distort all achievements.

Again, we do not ask that shakes everything in a function whose material is at once fragile and decisive. We only wish – but we know it’s a lot, that’s all – a modernization of wind finally pass on our secular school, we reconsidered in the data, not only great science but also and especially with a good sense based on the fair experience without any bias.

What face this situation deplorable delay of half a century of this school on the techniques of the environment, we reconsider the training of peer educators, information and orientation of educators already in place to that generalizes the modern pedagogy that, in the words of Albert Bayet, “may, it seems, be shown as an asset and the honor of the University of France.” Author Freinet Print

1 result Results color papers Manufacturing In: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers magazine in November 1932 Authors: B. and V. Ruch Ruch Read more
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary April 1986 See the entire number in pdf ticket writing news The ECLUSE – Is Conducting a simulation an open door to learning? pedagogical conditions for a natural reading Practice Video by Grade 6 Tips and Tricks to jitters Pedagogy of written language CP: towards a new dogmatism?

The Educator invited … Didier Leclerzq watch Big Brother (second part) or … When citizens have ideas on education ICEM free research mathematics An informative read file experiment ticket Editor> Version printable
1 result Results A history … By Antoine Aime School Legall on 01/01/18 – 11:50 In Creation, Expression Once upon a time, near a forest, a wicked witch named Mercule.

His castle was covered in cobwebs and toad slime. His goal in life was to take control of Mellecombe, a small village on the other side of the forest … But the villagers knew about it and they were reinforced: They had swords, helmets, shields , armor … They even had a prison reserved for it!

Cycle 3 class Antoine 2017-2018 Learn more
In: French Gossip For teachers review French> Spelling March 2011 in line with the famous text Merimee Read the text in .pdf DICTATION THE “DEVIL” The French argue in emulation of their spelling. She unfortunate reputation, we can not doubt.

We do not conclude that it is illogical. Some problems involved (and there are many), regardless of the difficulties it raises some scrambled appear in the rules, it requires a bit of work and method. Grammarians have not only taken the trouble to codify they have been pleased to make it available.

Whatever may have been said, the work to which they are bound has not been useless. The effort it has cost, research has necessitated that should not be underestimated. Whether ignorance or carelessness, too many students fall without remorse in the traps of writing.

One hesitates again before writing infinitives accoter, dock, enlarge, grab, worse, heavier, align, lighten, audit, smooth, flatten, impoverish, etc. frequently gets confused in the suffixes: eg those to land and ditch; voltage and retention; winding and promontory; of court and vomitory; of worm, Mouse, rabbit, bicot and hare; of flicker, sputter, sputter, frizzing, tossed, shivering; rigging, dedication, folding, sneeze, bray, punishment; of gaily, gently, passionately, ambiguously, duly, bluntly, etc. We do not believe these unjustified distinctions.

Though not always the way right on the spot, we do not really decrease the number at the expense of clarity. Apart from a few, they are paid only concern graphically distinguish homonyms particles. The families of some four thousand words that appear in our lexicon are, moreover, regular.

The radical are constantly appear in the same form. Some however are exceptions: notably those where we find the words barrel keg; fighter, combative, anycast, Cantonal; charroyer, cartload; neck brace; dishonored, shame; irritable, angry; case competition; wildly, panic; prud’homie, prudhommesque; persifler, whistling; inject, blister; consonance, dissonance; imbecile, imbecility, etc. As for the verb endings, they are sometimes difficult to implement.

Let us write without hesitation that of the imperative (goes, picks, quivers), subjunctive (as we shouted, fleeing, let, let), the future (I will admit, you concluras it clean, I will wipe you kill we will die, you will) of this (I put on, you sew, he whines, I spill, you pretend it solves, I harass you ratelles, he insists, I secretly you dusters, he ferrets, I quartered you haletes he chisels, etc.) This text, which we have wanted to mention the words of everyday vocabulary, shows that our spelling is often complicated or ambiguous, if not arbitrary. But it is inseparable from the language.

Even writers are attached to it. Yet they are, more than others, exposed to its annoyances, that is to say, more often exposed to fall into its pitfalls. Whatever critics think it is a matter, at the same time, thought and memory.

Even his subtleties (s) impose a salutary discipline. Whatever the effort required, it must be that acquired it. Is she not, as says Sainte-Beuve, “the beginning of literature”? R. T. Ref. – The following is the book pages 411-412 of R. Thimonnier: The spelling and grammar code, coll.

Marabout Service – Practical knowledge. French Gossip # 6 Dictation Devil By Bruno Jolys on 28/04/16 – 0:01. See the article on Wikipedia: Dictation Devil

1 result Results Rome, the eternal city: Middle Ages to today In: Geo July 1967 Rome was already one of the most influential capitals of Antiquity.

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